Merchant Benefits

EasyFuel improves revenue

Customers will shop with you more often and may spend more each visit, if there’s the chance to accumulate or use a useful discount through your outlet. Everyone needs to fill up at the pump – so having access to a fuel discount program can increase your market share and revenue.

EasyFuel loyalty systemWith the EasyFuel fuel discount program, a cardholder will collect ‘cents per litre’ fuel discounts for a minimum dollar spend:
eg. 5 cents off per litre for $40 spent (based on 50 litres of fuel). As the merchant, you set the spend threshold for any fuel discounts.

EasyFuel cents per litre fuel discounts are cumulative, so the more the cardholder spends the more cents per litre they accumulate. The accumulated cents per litre discount is redeemable at any participating EasyFuel service station.

The EasyFuel fuel discount program assists customer retention. By value-adding to your customer offer, you are demonstrating how much you appreciate their business. With the cumulative cents per litre fuel discount offer, all EasyFuel merchants (not just you) are contributing to the formation of a wider network of stores from which EasyFuel cardholders can obtain benefits through collecting or using fuel discounts.

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EasyFuel increases your customer base

EasyFuel cardholders will look for other participating businesses to shop with, so they can accrue more fuel discounts. As the network grows, you the merchant will be connected to the ever-growing EasyFuel cardholder and merchant base.

VeriFone vx810 TerminalSimple processing via VeriFone vx810 Terminal

EasyFuel fuel discounts are processed via an electronic terminal. It’s a fast and simple procedure so all your staff members will be able to easily handle a transaction.