About EasyFuel

Introducing the EasyFuel card

The EasyFuel Card - Fuel discounts that growNow there’s a better way to save money at the pump! Shop smart with an EasyFuel card and you can fill your tank with up to 50 litres of fuel – for a lot less!

Easy to use

Collecting fuel discounts on your EasyFuel card is simple. Present your EasyFuel card when you shop at a participating retail or service outlet and any discount collected will be automatically stored on the card. There are no messy vouchers to save or receipts that you have to keep. To use your fuel discount, present your EasyFuel card at a participating service station. All fuel discounts are shown on the EasyFuel card as a ‘cents per litre’ saving and redemptions are based on a maximum 50 litre fuel purchase.

Discounts that grow

Only the EasyFuel card offers discounts that grow. Save 5c per litre, 10c per litre, 20c per litre - even more! Just shop wherever you see the purple & gold EasyFuel sign and watch your fuel discounts add up. The more you spend, the more you save.

With the EasyFuel system, fuel discounts can last up to 60 days. You can track the cents per litre savings you’ve accumulated online through EasyFuel’s secure Cardholder Member section or check your current balance at any participating EasyFuel outlet.

How it all adds up

EasyFuel fuel discounts soon add up. Just by doing your everyday shopping you could quickly collect enough discount to fill your tank with up to 50 litres of fuel, for a lot less! Simply spend the advertised minimum amount at participating EasyFuel stores and the fuel discount offered is stored on your EasyFuel card - ready for you to use. The total value of your fuel discount is automatically added as you shop. Plus, your fuel discounts can last up to 60 days!

This example shows how quickly your fuel discounts can add up!

Supermarket $30
Hardware $70
Butcher $60
Service station $40
Fruit & veg $30
Accommodation $40
Total discount at pump = 22 cents
Per Litre    

Total spends and discounts shown above are examples only.
Contact merchants for individual offers.

Look for this EasyFuel sign at participating outlets

Fuel Discounts Here - EasyFuelThe EasyFuel card is already welcome in many retail, service and fuel outlets including supermarkets, cafés, homewares and clothing stores. Look for the EasyFuel sign and improve your fuel economy today. New places to collect and use your fuel discounts are being added to the EasyFuel network all the time. Click here to find your nearest EasyFuel Merchant.