Frequently Asked Questions

How does the EasyFuel card work?

EasyFuel cardholders simply spend the advertised minimum amount at participating merchants and present their EasyFuel card at the check-out. Any fuel discount offered is automatically stored on the card - ready for the cardholder to use when they next visit a participating EasyFuel service station. It’s that easy!

How long do fuel discounts last for?

Cents per litre fuel discounts expire at the end of the month following the month in which they were collected.

How do the EasyFuel terminals work?

The EasyFuel card is inserted into the terminal. A sales value is then keyed in and the appropriate “cents per litre” fuel discount is instantly issued to the cardholder.

How do my customers get an EasyFuel card?

They simply need to sign-up online. It’s currently free and fast!

Can the customer use the EasyFuel card straight away?

EasyFuel cards are issued in the mail. Upon receipt, your customer needs to activate their EasyFuel card by visiting the EasyFuel website. It only takes a minute to activate - then the card is ready to be used to accumulate cents per litre fuel discounts.

Can I change my fuel discount offer?

Absolutely! The EasyFuel system is very flexible. You can change your cardholder offer any time you wish – simply contact us on 1300 653 611 to discuss your needs. We can also assist with additional promotional ideas which will help you and your customers get the most out of the EasyFuel program.

How will my customers know I’m part of the EasyFuel network?

EasyFuel will supply its merchants with a set selection of EasyFuel point of sale material, so you can let your customers know you’re a participating merchant and show them the benefits of joining the EasyFuel program.

Do I need an ADSL Internet connection?

Yes, you will need an ADSL internet connection to operate the EasyFuel terminal. If you have any questions about the terminal’s use, call the EasyFuel Helpdesk on 1300 653 611.